You're invited to join our 5th ICDE event, 16-17 June 2017, Leicester

Three keystones of modern dentistry, Digital, Aesthetics and Efficiency, will be the focus of our 5th annual ICDE event. Following on from the sell-out successes of 2010 to 2015 and bringing together renowned dental professionals to present their opinion and case studies. ICDE2017 is the perfect opportunity to explore the constantly evolving dental landscape with a focus on Digital, Aesthetics and Efficiency.

Our Speakers

Luke Barnett

Luke Barnett

Dental Technician

Ian Smith

Ian Smith

Dental Technician

Petr Mysicka

Petr Mysicka

Dental Technicain

Vicken Hatsakordzian

Vicken Hatsakordzian

Dental Technician

Gary Jenkinson

Gary Jenkinson


Chris Barrow

Chris Barrow

Dental Business Coach

The Singing Dentist

We are thrilled to announce that Dr Milad Shadrooh, better known as The Singing Dentist, will be hosting our ICDE event!

As well as owning his own dentist practice, Chequers Dental in Basingstoke, Milad has also made a name for himself on social media as The Singing Dentist, by releasing a series of parody videos where he changes the lyrics of famous songs to promote awareness of dental hygiene in a fun and positive way.

The Singing Dentist has had an important impact on the dental industry and reaching a wider audience, by going viral on multiple occasions. Most notably, he covered Pharrell Williams ‘Happy’ as ‘Gappy’, which resulted in over 165,000 views on YouTube to date! Hear what he has to say about ICDE in the video. 

Event Schedule

16th June 2017

Anterior Indirect Aesthetics

This lecture aims to show the techniques required to deliver predictable, indirect anterior restorations. Planning, preparation and cementation will be covered along with options to make procedures less invasive, have better function and improved aesthetics. Digital workflows will be discussed combining intra-oral scanning and 3D design of the final ceramic restorations.

Complete Reconstruction – Step by Step

There is nothing more important than a happy patient with aesthetic and functional reconstruction, and nowadays our patients expect the best possible final result. Digital Smile Design allows us to simulate the final product in the mouth with mock up and this gives us a greater understanding of our patient’s wants and needs before we’ve even begun.

Using the latest technology like Zirconia, IPS e.max Press Multi or IPS e.max Power Ceram, we can achieve harmony and lifelike aesthetic.

This lecture explores the complete step-by-step process, from dental photography protocol to clinical and laboratory processes, including Digital Smile Design platform, to the final fitting of the ceramic restoration.

Titanium and Ceramic – How to achieve harmony

This lecture will be discussing the newest developments in implant reconstructions and demonstrating the different options available when it comes to repairing single unit restorations. It will also go through the advantages and disadvantages of various restoration modalities and what effect implant planning and positioning has on the final outcome.

Design – Communicate – Motivate – Achieve

This presentation will concentrate on the four main concepts within Digital Smile Design (DSD); design, communicate, motivate and achieve. This lecture is aimed at all team members including clinicians, specialists and technicians. The benefits of utilising DSD will demonstrate how you can easily integrate this concept into your everyday working life without too much expense or time.

Aims and Objectives:

  • How to capture correct information using the DSD photo and video protocols, and using this information to Design.
  • Learn different ways to communicate with your whole team and to keep data safe.
  • Motivate patients and yourself to give full and accepted treatment plans that treat the case from a facial perspective.
  • Achieve the expectations of the entire design team.
  • Understand the future of Smile Design, digital software, and tools that will allow you to capture, communicate, motivate and achieve.

Digital Dentistry – Endless Possibilities

Throughout the years, restorative trends and techniques have come and gone. Some material developments have transformed the face of aesthetic dentist
try, while other initial concepts have phased out and died. Yet the concept of digital dentistry is one that started out small, and has progressively increased in momentum until its boundaries appear to have become endless.

As dentistry evolves into the digital world, the successful incorporation of computerization and new technology will continue to provide more efficient methods of communication and fabrication while at the same time retaining the individual creativity and artistry of the skilled dental technician, and the utilization of new technology will enhanced the close cooperation and working relationship of the dentist/technician team.  The evolution from hand waxing to digital design, using the diagnostic wax-up and provisional restorations, and their digital replicas to guide us in the creation of cad-cam restorations will be presented.

The most exciting factor surrounding these technologies is not, however, only in the potential applications of these technologies that are being hypothesized by dental professionals. The excitement truly lies in the fact that these “hypothetical” applications are currently being developed today, and some are even in the final stages of development. These advancements are not, therefore, something that will “eventually” emerge in the market, they are realities that are currently being released to further revolutionize the quality of dental care that is being delivered in modern restorative dentistry.

This exciting presentation will offer participants a unique insight into the replication of natural esthetics while focusing on proper function and occlusal harmony using CAD-CAM technology.  Participants will learn a format for achieving that often-elusive goal of pleasing the patient, dentist, and ceramist with creative ceramic artistry and predictable restorative dentistry.

17th June 2017

Predictability and Precision in Aesthetic Dentistry

Dentistry is moving into the digital age and technology is advancing at an ever-increasing pace. Preparations can be digitally scanned and emailed to the
laboratory, restorations designed and milled, finished and fitted, all without any physical impressions or models.

Seasoned practitioners skilled in analogue techniques may sometimes view such technology with skepticism, preferring the “certainty” of models and a technician’s hands.

We ask, just how accurate is digital technology, can it claim to rival or supersede tried and tested analogue techniques?

This lecture highlights and compares the accuracy of fit for indirect restorations, providing details that will enable Dental Practitioners to confidently make choices with new technology.

The Digital Landscape and it’s Applications

Presenting Digital dentistry. Arguably the biggest advancement for dental laboratories over the past decade, and an exciting time to be part of a “maturing” digital landscape. Technology is moving on rapidly, making it hard sometimes somewhat difficult to keep up with all the new developments, but consumer knowledge is also greatly improving and manufacturers are learning to adapt to the changing requirements of the digital market.

Independent Practice Marketing in the Digital Age

In this presentation, we will look at the current landscape for digital marketing in dentistry and he intends to bust some of the common mythology about what does and doesn’t work, sharing real examples from his existing clients.

Prepare to have your beliefs challenged and your potential expanded.

Aims and Objectives

  • To review the current landscape for digital marketing in independent dentistry
  • To show what works and, more importantly, what doesn’t
  • To identify trends in digital marketing that you will have to embrace
  • To suggest the framework of a 12-month digital marketing plan for your practice

Evening Entertainment


On Friday 16th, our ICDE event is set to take you to Hollywood for the evening where the Keith Weller Suite at King Power Stadium will be transformed for a truly glamorous evening.

The dress code for the evening is smart and you will need to practise your best Hollywood smile for a red-carpet entrance, complete with paparazzi to capture everyone’s arrival. The scene will be set with the infamous Hollywood backdrop and iconic movie décor to ensure many photo opportunities at the pre-dinner drinks reception.

Once we have enjoyed a three-course gala dinner amongst the glitz and glamour, you will be treated to after-dinner entertainment where we invite you to try your luck playing Roulette and Black Jack in our mini Casino. As well as free reign over photo booths and dance floor, the lively DJ set promises to keep everyone on their feet until the early hours!



Curve, Leicester

The daytime seminars will take place in the spectacular Curve Theatre. Based in the city centre’s vibrant Cultural Quarter, this award-winning building was designed by acclaimed architect Rafeal Vinoly and was opened by Her Majesty The Queen in 2008.

Directions to the Curve and Car Parking information

King Power Stadium

On the evening of Friday 16th we will move to Leicester’s own King Power Stadium, the home of Leicester City Football Club and current Premier League football champions, here we will have access to the Keith Weller Suite for a gala dinner and evening entertainment.

Transportation to and from the King Power Stadium will be provided.




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